Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Lazy Housekeeping

 If I were rich, I would hire a housekeeper. They would do all the cleaning because I hate housework. I do it, but I hate it. I have a system I call Lazy Housekeeping. I have never been a Stepford Wife. There are so many other things I rather do than cleaning. Some of them are rather unpleasant. Alas I have no Alice or Rosie the robot so I'm left to do it myself. Here are some easy house cleaning tips:

Start in one room. Clean it and then move on to the next room. It helps keep you focused. You aren't thinking about other chores. 

When you start a room start the washer. It will work while you are working. 

Go to the dollar store and buy small trash cans. Place them around your home. 

Use your broom. I have no carpet in my bedroom. I use a broom to sweep everything on the door in to a pile. That way it's all in one spot and faster to pick up. Your clothes are dirty anyways. 

Vacuum your uncarpeted floors. Sweeping is annoying. It's hard to get everything so using a vacuum helps you get all the rogue crumbs and shredded cheese. I buy a lot of shredded cheese.

Set a timer for thirty minutes. Clean for those thirty minutes. Take a short break after and then go back to work. 

Reward yourself for getting things done. It can be anything from watching a show to getting dinner delivered. Who really wants to cook after cleaning the kitchen? Not me. 

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