Monday, February 3, 2020

Favorite Podcasts

Years ago, I had a conversation with a guy and he asked me what podcasts I listen to. I said none. I was under the impression that they were all really boring and mostly politics. I don’t like politics. Eventually, I started getting curious about podcasts. I started listening to true crime podcasts. If you don’t know this, I love True Crime. The first one I started listening to was My Favorite Murder. It was extremely interesting and I enjoyed it. I also listened to a couple other ones. I would usually listen to them while I was traveling. I am not someone who pays for WiFi when I fly. After a while, I stopped listening to podcasts. I did like that we could listen to Ask an Attorney which is a Florida Lawyer Podcast with Joe Pippin. That’s always fun to listen to in the car or in Indiana. 

 The next podcast I started listening to is Worst Ever Podcast with Christine Lakin and Alaa Khaled. I used to love Step by Step. They interview lots of actors from the 90’s and it’s just fun to listen to. 

I also randomly found a podcast called Hoosier Homicide. I live in Indiana so true crime that happened in my state is a double bonus win for me. I found them by mistake. I was thinking of a random person who did some bad stuff and podcasts about him and lo and behold I found Hoosier Homicide. I know the description was very vague about who I was looking up but for privacy reasons I am not going to say. Hoosier Homicide is my favorite podcast. I listen every week, usually on Thursdays when it comes out. Danielle always puts so much hard work in to it. Daniel her husband is funny and well Karla is awesome too. It’s not super professional but I love that about it. I mean they add their own flair and personalities. It makes it fun. I have learned about lots of True Crime with Indiana connections since I have been listening. I also like that they will interact with me on Twitter. They always respond to me and I feel like we have become great friends. 

The most recent podcast I have started listening to is called Mother May I Sleep with Podcast which was a recommendation from Hoosier Homicide. Mother May I Sleep with Podcast is about Lifetime movies. I love a good Lifetime thriller. They go through and dissect the film they are discussing and talk about the different aspects. I find it so interesting. 

I also admittedly have a bunch of podcasts I subscribed to that I have never really listened to. I need to work on that. 

What are some of your favorite podcasts? 

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