Friday, January 24, 2020

Our Road trip tips

I feel like when you are going on a road trip, you can never have too many tips and tricks. You can absolutely never be too prepared. You are going on an adventure and that’s a big part of it, but planning is a must. If you are a parent, you want to plan for every scenario possible because you never know if your child is going to be upset. Your child might cry for miles where all that appeases them is singing some jingle from a tv commercial after their toy breaks. I’ve been there and done that. I’ve come up with some road trip tips that my family personally uses. I wanted to share them with you. 

My son gets really bad car sickness. I am not sure if it’s inherited from me or if it was pay back from all the times I had it. I had it so bad once my parents threw out my car seat. Pack children’s Dramamine, trust me. It has been a great thing. He went from getting sick in every state to not getting sick at all. Buy it when you can find it before your trip. When you need it on the road, they will be out of it.  Keep it in your purse or glove box or anywhere you won’t forget it. Also have tons of grocery bags in case. Check them for holes. Have both baby wipes and disinfecting wipes in your car. 

Snacks are a must. Healthy snacks are great. You can also have some treats for rewards if you would like. Proportion the snacks out ahead of time. This way no one is eating six servings of something. Have a cooler full of drinks. Using frozen bottles of water helps keep things cold. You are also saving money because you aren’t paying extra for these items at the gas station. 

Limit screen time before hand. Have clear rules about how long they can be on devices. Remember that road trips are for family bonding. You can sit on a device at home for free. Play fun games and make up stories and listen to music to help pass the time. A clear limit helps avoid any arguments while on the road. 

Bring books on cd, you can check them out from the library. Find something your whole family will enjoy. We have listened to a couple different series this way. 

Bring extra bags. This can be tote bags to put things in or plastic bags. You will always have something that needs a bag at some point. You  will wish that you had one. It’s also fun to make each child their own activity bag. You can also use a tote bag to carry as an overnight bag if you are stopping at a hotel to or from your destination. You won’t have to pull out all the suitcases. 

Buy a special book or coloring book for each child to use on the road trip. Remember that colored pencils are better than crayons if possible. Crayons melt, but if you have a small child just remember to bring the crayons in. 

Check out local fruit stands and farmers markets. They always have really cool things to try and buy. I love stopping in Georgia and buying peaches or pecans. It’s also a fun way to get out and stretch your legs. 

Ask social media for food recommendations on your road trip. Everyone loves giving their opinions on places to eat. Maybe you follow someone who is local to the area. Local people usually know where the best restaurants are. Be willing to try new things and step away from places you can eat at anywhere.  

Explore and go off the beaten path. Look for unique experiences. Try new things and have fun. Limit being on your phones and devices and really spend time making memories together with your loved ones.  

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