Thursday, January 30, 2020

Happy 103rd Birthday Grandma Rose

I spend so much time thinking about my Grandma Rose. I make sure I tell Noah stories about her whenever I think of one. I also make sure I tell my friends about her. One of my friends asked on Twitter, about what brought you joy when you were a child. I naturally started talking about my Grandma Rose and the games we used to play. We used to make up songs. My cousins who are all older than me, would put on plays with me. I was a lucky girl. I also told my friend about how my Grandma started a soup kitchen in the early 1970’s that is still in operation today. My Grandma’s spirit lives in all who knew her and love her. It’s so important to tell stories of your loved ones. My friend’s grandma passed away and he said that his son wouldn’t remember her. He’s only three. I encouraged him to tell his son stories and help her live on through them. 

Today is my Grandma Rose’s 103 birthday. I can’t even believe it. I knew that my Grandpa Jim passed away in January but I guess I didn’t make the connection that it was six days before my Grandma’s birthday until I was an adult. I am sure my grandma is having a big party with all her siblings in Heaven. Her husband and my uncles and all of her friends are likely having angel food cake. Angel food cake was my Grandma Rose’s favorite cake. There’s probably bowls of dainty mints and mountains of Orange Sherbet too. 

I do know that they are looking down on us. They are still with us in our hearts. Sometimes when I am trying to fix something or do something hard, I ask for my Grandpa’s help and I am able to do whatever it is. So happy birthday Grandma Rose. I hope you have an amazing day as all your days in heaven are. I miss you. I love you more. I have different things in my house that say I love you more to remind me of you. You are my inspiration for so many things. I feel I get my big heart and my strength from you.  

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