Thursday, January 23, 2020

Car Technology

Technology in cars now days is amazing. I remember the days where you had to use an actual map to find out where you were going. If you forgot your map, you were at the mercy of the road or another person to help you get where you were going. If you were somewhere on vacation, the chance of talking to someone else on vacation was pretty high. I feel like every time I am at my mom’s someone asks me for directions. I’m sure businesses haven’t received many calls asking about where they are located. I have noticed they will sometimes ask if I know where they are located. I say the address and they say yes, otherwise we all punch it in some form of GPS. 

Most cars come equipped with a back up camera to help drivers with backing up. It’s always important to still actually look and not just rely on the camera alone. The back up camera let’s us see the full picture including the road in case someone or something is in our path. You couldn’t really see that well with looking back. That’s how many bikes have been run over or even a family pet. Again it’s a tool to help not something you should rely solely on when you are backing up. 

One of the best features in cars I believe is the opportunity to get help if you need it. Lots of things can happen while you are driving. You can get in a car accident, you can have a health problem or a heart attack. It’s nice to know that if something happens, someone is there for you to help potentially save your life. You don’t always have your phone at arms length while driving. That can actually be a good thing because our phones can be very distracting and can cause accidents or other dangerous situations.

It is reassuring to me knowing that there is someone who can be alerted when something is not right. I am sure there have been many times that service has saved lives. With the gps on our phones and in our cars makes it easier for us to be located in an emergency. Sometimes you just might not know exactly where you are otherwise.  It’s also great to have when you might be in the country or on a less traveled road. If you are on a busy road someone is likely to see you but when you aren’t you may not be able to get help when you have to rely on another driver passing by. When you are driving at night, the same thing applies, they might figure it’s just an abandoned car and not think anything of it. If you are ever in a situation where you are in danger and need some help you can also use the service to become safe. If you are leaving someone who abused you or attacked you and they stole your phone, the service can help you connect to the police in a serious emergency. 

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