Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Winter Driving Tips

Since it’s winter, I thought it would be a great idea to talk about winter car safety. You don’t want to be stranded in your car in the winter. A couple years ago, there was really bad weather here. There were 500 accidents in one day. People were stranded in their cars for hours and hours. The fire department had to rescue people on overpasses with ladders because they couldn’t walk on the overpasses.  It all happened when my mom was en route to visit. She ended up arriving safely. It can happen any time in the winter where you end up stuck somewhere. It’s so important to have a winter safety kit and know how to prevent yourself from getting frostbite. Here  are some things you need to have in case of an emergency:

A prepaid phone or cell phone 
Non perishable food
Extra chargers
Extra clothes in case yours get wet 
Gloves hats and scarves 
First aid kit 
Road maps
Tool kit 
Windshield scraper 
Jumper box 
Jumper cables 
A cloth to tie on your car antenna
Strike proof matches 
Tire chains
Paper towels 

Here’s what you do if you are stranded in your car:
Step one: Don’t panic and remain calm and collected. Do not get out of your vehicle. Don’t look for help. Call someone for help either the police or a loved one. Remember the police can get you out quicker. 

Step two: collect your emergency items from your trunk and make sure they are easily accessible.

Step three: tie the brightly colored cloth on your antenna so you are noticed. 

Step four: put on layers of clothes and blankets to stay warm. Make sure you cover your head because most of your body heat escapes from your head. Have hats or extra hats and hoods to stay warm. 

Step 5: try and assess the problem with your car and if you can easily fix it. 

Step 6: Run your car heater in 10 minute intervals. Make sure your exhaust pipe isn’t blocked or covered. Slightly open a window to let fresh air in. 

Step 7 all huddle up together for body heat. 

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