Sunday, October 20, 2019

Getting your car windows tinted

You can get all kinds of personalization for your car. You can usually pick the color and the type of interior. You can also pick which features you would like. Some cars have spoilers or what I call little shark fins on the top. You can definitely use your car to express yourself. A common thing to do is get your windows tinted. The best place to get it done is a car dealership. The reasons for that are:

You don’t have to worry about getting a bad tint job. The person tinting your car has done it before. You know that they are experienced. It’s not just some random person you may have hired off of Facebook or Craigslist. 

The tint job will be even and they will give you proper directions like don’t roll your windows down for a certain amount of time. 

You won’t have to worry about a dealership picking up shop and running off if you do end up having a problem with the tint job. 

The dealership is up to date on the laws about tinting. It’s actually illegal to have your windows tinted too dark. It becomes a safety issue. It’s also not safe for law enforcement in the event that you need to be pulled over or identify someone. 

The dealership will have all the tools and tint needed so you can get it done and move on with your day. You can also possibly loan a car while they are doing the tint if you have somewhere that you really need to go. That’s always a great option if you need to go pick up your kids or go somewhere. However, dealerships usually have a nice little hospitality room for clients to wait in. It usually has a television and beverages. Some of them have snacks or vending machines. I have seen some horrible tint jobs in my time, it’s just best to start with the dealership and save time. 

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