Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Traveling in Colorado

Growing up, I listened to a lot of Judy Collins on road trips. One of my favorite songs is The Blizzard. I wanted to go to Colorado partially due this song. My best friend in school was originally from Colorado, so she told me all about it all the time. We had talked about vacationing there. It never happened. The closet we came was a layover in Denver. In this traveler’s mind it doesn’t really count. I used to be a Broncos fan because of John Elway. 

I’m not a big cross county road trip person but I have done it a couple times. I would honestly prefer to fly somewhere and rent a car and go on a road trip without the driving to get there. There’s so many things I would love to do in Colorado. 

I would have to visit my friend Katie in Denver. We would watch Pete’s Dragon. She would disown me if I didn’t at least come by and say hi. I would also love to go to a Broncos game. Even though my two favorite quarterbacks are no longer there, it would still be fun to go and see a game. 

I would definitely have to go to Rocky Mountain National Park and explore. I would love to go to as many National Parks as I can. So far, I’ve only been to around eight of them. 

I would also love to go to Steamboat Springs. My childhood best friend’s family always talked about how neat it was. It would be very hard to remove me from the hot springs. I might just stay in there until I melt. I would probably make this a kid free vacation so I can really relax. 

Colorado is a beautiful state and I would love to explore it sometime soon. 

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