Friday, September 13, 2019

The importance of data

This is a sponsored post for Diamond Links. 

Let’s face it, data is important. You have to know what kind of data you have when it comes to your business. You also need to know about the data quality. Not all data is good data. There’s also bad data. Good data is high quality. It can also show you if you have good customer service and repeat customers. If you have bad data, it can be damaging to your business. You want happy customers and to build a solid relationship with them. A good relationship means more business.

You also need to know where your customers are located so, you know you are reaching the right customer. I somehow receive emails for businesses that are no where near me. I always wish that I could visit that restaurant or business but can’t do to where I am located. If you have an email service, they usually charge you based on how many people receive your emails. If you are emailing people that can’t reach you or are the wrong demographic then you are wasting money and time. 

Demographic is huge when it comes to data. You need to make sure you aren’t emailing baby product ads to people who don’t have children. You need to make sure they are actually interested in whatever you are selling. You could have a great product, but if you don’t know your demographic, it could be counterproductive. 

You also need data to see how many people are clicking on your links and visiting your site. You also need to monitor if you are losing your customers interest. Do some investigating to see what might be the cause. Are you sending too many emails? Are you wording things incorrectly? How is your customer feedback? It wouldn’t hurt to have a quick survey at the end to see how your employees are handling their interactions. 

Keep an eye out on social media. Even if the customer doesn’t tag you, see if there are any problems by searching your company on all the social media sites. If there are issues, fix them immediately and to their satisfaction. Remember that more people leave reviews and comments when it’s negative than when it’s positive. Remember that some people will be looking for anything negative. I always check reviews and social media to see the quality of products or services. There has been a few times that I have passed on buying something because of the negative reviews and comments. 

I am not saying negative reviews are bad in the long run. It help to improve your performance and products. It can be useful if you take the time to actually listen to the customer and try and make your product better or to make your customers happy. Word of mouth and social media reaches so many people now. That’s both a good thing and a bad thing. 

You need to have a good relationship and reputation. So pay attention to your data. It can be a very useful tool in solving problems and growing. Don’t be afraid to admit when you are wrong. It takes a lot to admit you are wrong and make it right. 

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