Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Types of Personal Injury Cases

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When you think about a personal injury attorney, you will likely think of an attorney that ligates car accident cases. While a lot of personal injury cases are for car accidents, there are other types of personal injury cases too. A personal injury attorney is a civil lawyer who represents either plaintiffs or defendants in a case. They specialize in civil law where someone is injured. This injury could be physical or financial.
Here are some of the types of cases a personal injury attorney handles:

You can hire a personal injury attorney like Kinney, Fernandez & Boire when you slip and fall at the grocery store. It would really depend on the circumstances of the injury and if the grocery store could be held accountable. In any slip and fall case you can consult an attorney and see if you are able to sue for damages.

Medical Malpractice is a case for a personal injury attorney. If your loved one has a surgery or is in a doctor’s care and they pass away or injured due to negligence you can possibly have a medical malpractice suit. It really depends on the risks with the procedure or care.

Assault and Battery is a crime but it’s also something you can take to civil court. When you have a criminal case, you have a verdict of guilty or not guilty. Damages are not usually factored in the sentence. If someone were to batter you, you have the right to sue for your medical bills, pain and suffering and damage to property. It’s probably best to wait until the criminal proceedings are over with, especially if they take a plea. In some cases, you can get damages even if they aren’t found guilty. Civil court is different than Criminal court. In Civil court you have to only tip the scale a little in your favor. Your attorney would have to show that it was more likely than not that they caused the damage.

Last but not least, Slander and Libel cases. People get those mixed up all the time. Slander is when you say something and libel is when you write it down. The way I remember it is Slander and speak both start with s or Libel and letter both start with L. Both Slander and Libel are defamation cases. It can be tricky to win a defamation case because you usually have to have proof of financial loss. It’s important to have a good attorney who can help you with that.

You may be considering going to small claims court instead of hiring an attorney. Small claims court is where you have to state your case to the judge. There are also limits on how much you can sue for depending on your state. While hiring an attorney may cost you money, you may have the option of having the other party pay your legal fees. Unless you know what you are doing and you are suing for a small amount of money at least getting a consultation with an attorney is probably a good idea.

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