Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Travel Journals

Traveling is so much fun when you go with your family or friends. You can make so many memories on vacation to remember for years to come. When you get in the car and go on a road trip  with your children when they are young, they don’t really remember the trip. Even with a great memory, there are parts you will forget. We all take pictures all the time with our phones. We don’t have to worry about packing a camera anymore. Instead of having a file of pictures on your hard drive, on a cd somewhere or a stack of photos tucked away in a drawer somewhere, why not do something creative and create a travel journal.  You can make your own travel journal or make it a family effort.  It’s really easy and fun. You can look back on the trip and remember all you did and all you saw. 

Some things you will need for a Travel Journal:

A notebook to write down things you want to remember, conversations you had, maybe some funny quotes. Have your kids write something each day about their favorite part of that day. 

Photographs of your trip and remember they don’t have to be photographer quality. People tend to get hung up on how great the photo has to be. Candid shots are great, it really captures the essence. 

Post cards that you picked up along the way on a road trip or at your destination. Some hotels have postcards of the hotel in your room. 

Menus of places you ate at, paper ones please, don’t take their menus.  Kids menus are great too especially if your children drew on them. 

Ticket stubs and receipts – We save ticket stubs for movies, theme parks and sporting events but never do anything with them. 

A nice hard covered journal with either blank or lined paper depending on the style of travel journal you want. You could also use a photo album. 

You can decorate it any way you want. Have the kids help by drawing pictures and write in it. Using patterned paper and stickers can really make it pop. There are so many different themed stickers at your local craft store. 

You could get travel journals for each of your children to write about the trip and draw pictures as a personal keepsake for them if they are older. 
It’s really something you can keep for years to come and share with generations to come. It would also be a great way to remember a special trip or person.

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