Monday, July 15, 2019

Assigned parking places

Living in an apartment can be fun. When I have lived in apartments, I have made some great friends. Sometimes parking can be a pain though. Especially, if it’s the weekend and your neighbors have guests over. You can end up parking your car pretty far away. That’s never fun in the cold or in bad weather. I have had to park my car at other buildings in the apartment complex during my years of living in an apartment. Coming home after going to the grocery store, having a good parking spot is key.  Sometimes, you don’t even want to go anywhere in fear of losing your good parking space. 

I am a big fan of assigned parking. I believe it’s the best way to handle it. This way everyone has their own spot to park. You don’t have to circle around the parking lot looking for a spot and wondering if the car is leaving to take their spot. You don’t have to wonder where you will park. 

You will not forget where your car is parked. I have actually forgotten where I parked and thought my car was stolen a couple times. One time my mom’s car was towed because the apartment manager didn’t tell us about the parking permit. You also won’t go to someone else’s car that has the same make and model as you do and try and get in the car and then realize it’s not yours. You really hope no one saw you and your loudly saying how sorry you are and you have the same car. 

If your car has damage from the car next to you, you know exactly who’s car it is, what it looks like and you can find out the license plate number and the owner easily. I think that people with assigned parking tend to be more careful because they are always parking next to the same people. I always wonder about guest parking though. I guess they would have to have some spots for guests somewhere. It would also be easy to know if someone doesn’t belong because you see the same cars every day. I wonder if the tenants have two cars, do they get two spaces and are they random or are the spots assigned by apartment number. 

I wish everywhere could have assigned parking. I know that’s not possibly feasible but it would sure make things easier. I try to always park in the same row at the store, so I can find my car when I come out. I know you can use your smart phone to mark where you parked. Being able to mark your spot is a blessing at amusement parks and sporting events. You don’t have to remember which section or cute name of the parking lot. By the time you leave, you are hot and tired and just wanna get out of there as soon as you can. 

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