Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Advertising with your car

When you own a business, acquiring clients can sometimes be tricky. Using social media can be helpful. Sometimes, good old fashioned advertising is what you need. When we would go on vacation, we would just have bowls of food and litter boxes for our cats. They hate being in the car and taking them isn’t an option. I would always worry about them spilling their water and running out of food. We happened to be driving somewhere and I noticed out the window that there was a van advertising a pet sitter service.

I decided to check them out. I decided to meet with them. They have been our pet sitter for two years. They are amazing. They take such great care of Stormy and Charlie. I receive texts about what they did and how our cats are. They even send photos each visit. Noah looks forward to seeing the cats while we are gone. Sometimes, they leave toys for our cats. I am so glad I found them. The funny thing was, I wasn’t actually looking for a pet sitter. It just felt right. 

If I wouldn’t have seen their van, I wouldn’t have a great pet sitter. You are driving your car anyways, why not use it as your own billboard. It’s much cheaper than a real billboard and it’s also mobile. I have seen businesses who have a cool car to advertise their business. I am not sure if the car is drivable or not. We like going to a restaurant that has a specific car that I remember since I was very little. 

You can make your own window clings with your business name and number or website. You can also hire a company to make it for you. Stick with a window cling unless you want something more permanent like vinyl. You can also make bumper stickers and hand them out at fairs and events. 

You never know who might be driving by at any point and be in the market for your services. 

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