Saturday, June 8, 2019

Road trip games for kids

Summer is the time for road trips. Every summer, we drive to Florida. That is a very long drive. It’s usually a seventeen hour drive. If there’s construction, let’s face it, there’s always construction somewhere, it can make it even longer. Spending a long time in the car can be boring. There’s only so many times you can listen to your favorite music. I try to limit Noah’s screen time on the road because he gets car sick.  I am convinced that it has something to do with staring at a device. We like to play different games when we are on a road trip. Some of them we play other places too. 
Would you rather is a fun game where you pick two options and you say which you would prefer. I like to do really crazy ones. 

Two truths and a lie is an interesting way to learn about your older kids. We haven’t played that one yet. 

I Spy is fun to play but you really have to limit it to the car because you are moving so picking something outside isn’t fair. 

Twenty questions is a favorite of ours. We play twenty questions a lot. The only problem is every time it’s Noah’s turn to guess, his first or second question is always is it Charles Manson? I mentioned him once or twice a while ago. He likes to ask me that when we are in public or flying in a plane. 

Going on a picnic is great for younger kids. You start with a and go through every letter. You are supposed to remember everything but you don’t have to. 

We also like to play the license plate game where we see who can find the most different license plates. You need paper for this one. 

The What am I Game is a spin on twenty questions except instead of asking questions you give clues and they guess who you are talking about. This is great for younger kids. 

You can really make anything in to a game. It’s fun to come up with your original ideas and make them a road trip tradition. 

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