Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Pronexis can handle your business calls

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When you own a business, sometimes you need help with different things. You can try and do it all, but quickly find out that you have way too much on your plate. As any job you have, you have to learn to balance your business life and personal life. It’s important to figure out how to do this. You want to maintain a balance, so everyone is happy. It’s totally ok to ask for help. You might not have time to hire employees or don’t know where to begin. 

Thankfully, there are businesses out there that are dedicated to helping other businesses. Think of it as picking up the slack. It can also be hard to find time to train someone to be a lead rep for you. Training can be long and tiresome so, companies like Pronexis lead handing have dedicated employees called lead handlers who can answer calls and schedule leads on your behalf.  

They will schedule appointments for you. This is especially great for service businesses who deal with cleanings and repairs. Honestly, unless someone has an existing relationship with a business, they will go with someone who has great customer service and can get the job done fast. 

As someone who has their own business, it can be very time consuming to find leads for new clients. It really is a lot of work doing all the researching and contacting on my own.  You won’t have to worry about spending all the extra time and energy finding your own leads.  How many times have you had to stop what you were doing to answer the phone to speak to a client. There’s just not enough hours in the day to get everything done. However, every missed call, is potentially a missed client. You must know how important phone calls are for your business.

There have been times I have called a business to schedule a repair or a service and no one answered the phone. I would simply move on to the next place listed. If they can’t take the time to answer my call, I will find someone who will. When I was trying to find a new doctor half the offices I called didn’t answer. I didn’t want to sit around and call multiple times.

You might be wondering if it’s expensive. They have affordable prices to meet your needs. They offer a quote at no charge to you. Of course, this is only one service that can make your business more successful. You can also hire a service to take care of delivering your newsletter and sales. This keeps your clients informed. You don’t have to send out individual emails or type in all their email addresses yourself. 

Everyone uses social media, if you aren’t capitalizing on social media, you are missing a way to market to a targeted audience. I always check out a company I am considering on social media.  You might not be into the social media scene. You can also hire a company to run your social media for you so you can focus on what matters the most, the client and the product.  

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