Sunday, June 23, 2019

Looking for scholarships for college

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Education is one of the most important things. It can help you get a good job and help you succeed. My mom has been a special education teach for forty years. As a teacher’s kid, you really know the importance if education. I never went to college, but it’s never too late to start. There are seventy year olds who decide to go to school. I would like to go back to school and get a degree to be either a paralegal or something to do with crime or forensics. 

As a mom, I would like Noah to go to college. If he decides not to go, that will be ok. I am not going to force him to go.  He is very smart and is starting to think about where he wants to attend college. He has wanted to go to Purdue for a while. I am not sure if that will be his final choice or not. I think that schools now days start kids thinking about college earlier than when I was in school. He just finished sixth grade and he’s already thinking about where he wants to go and even how to pay for it. I tell him not to worry about it. I will figure it all out. 

I’m a single mom and I have also been thinking about how I will afford college for him. There’s all kinds of assistance and thankfully you aren’t expected to just write a check. Noah has good grades and I can see him getting scholarships. It would definitely help out. 

Scholarships are great because they not only help you pay for college but help students push themselves to their full potential. I really like when businesses create scholarships that are specialized. I like supporting businesses that do things for the community.  Some scholarships are in memory of someone who made a difference. My uncle has a scholarship named for him for aviation maintenance at Purdue. 

While some scholarships cover the full amount of tuition, some offer a certain amount. Every bit helps. Usually, you can receive multiple scholarships. Think outside the box when looking for scholarships. Some businesses and doctors create scholarships. I was just reading about Premier Allergy and how Dr.   Shah offers a $1,000 scholarship to a student who is currently enrolled in college or applied. The Dr. Summit Shah Scholarship celebrates learning and personal growth. You don’t even have to want to be a doctor to apply. I love that he cares that much to help scholars further their education. 

It is always good when there’s scholarships for kids that may not be athletic or the smartest kids in school. It can really be a self esteem booster to receive an award or scholarship. Some families rely on scholarships to afford college. 

Thankfully, there’s also all kinds of grants and financial aid to make things easier. Grants and scholarships don’t have to be paid back. Financial aid must be paid back over time.

 You should also check and see if your state has a program where you can get free tuition to a state school, if you meet the criteria. 

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