Monday, June 10, 2019

How to make your drive educational

I try to make things somewhat educational  when I can. When Noah was younger, I would try and use things to teach him in fun ways. You really can use short rides in the car as mini learning sessions.

Noah and I would constantly tell stories in the car. The stories would sometimes be about what we are doing or what we just did. When he was three years old, I would tell him stories and leave out parts for him to fill in. Our stories usually started out with once upon a time there was a boy named.... he would say Noah. The story would go in different directions. I have quite a few videos of us telling our stories. Stories were always his favorite. If I didn’t tell them, I would run the risk of him saying wanna go down the road over and over again. 

Another idea is coming up with a song that teaches them something they are learning in school and singing it. You would be surprised how well songs work to remember things. I learned my presidents in choir twenty five years ago and I can still recite their full names to this day. 

Another variation on story telling is seeing who can come up with the using one letter. For example, An ant ate an apple at a aquarium after an antelope and alligator  altered art. 

Rhyme Play is also really fun too. You can think of a word and see how many different words you can rhyme with it. 

Say and Spell is where you have to spell every word you say. It’s also a great chance to get an extra spelling word practice in. 

You really can sneak in a bit of education while you are in the car. It’s a great place to just unwind and chat with your kids. 

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