Saturday, June 8, 2019

Car facts for kids

Noah likes to talk about cars. He has inherited my love of facts and trivia. I think he’s probably secretly preparing to be on Jeopardy or some kind of game show. He loves to read almanacs and record books. I thought it would be fun to share some car facts for your kids. 

There are on average 30,000 parts to a car. That’s crazy to think about. Thankfully, it’s not sold in pieces. Could you imagine how frustrating that would be? It would take a really long time to build       I am glad we have machines that do it for us. 

The oldest car was 82 years old. That’s a super old car. I wonder if it was only used to go to the store once a week. 

There are more cars in the world than people. That’s a hard fact to swallow. You would think there would be a lot more people. I guess we won’t have a car shortage any time soon. 

The most recycled thing is a car. This was very shocking to me. I would think that paper or plastic would be recycled more. I wonder if they are counting used cars as recycled or not. 

The first  car accident was in 1891. Thankfully it was a minor accident and no one was severely injured. The driver hit a tree root and then hit a post. 

I don’t like traffic jams but the longest one was in February 1980. There was a 109 mile traffic jam between Paris and Lyon. I couldn’t even imagine. The cause of the traffic jam was poor planning and the weather. I guess they needed roundabouts. 

There are 165,000 car produced every day worldwide. 

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