Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Avoid buy here pay here places when you buy your car

We have all seen them driving down the road, buy here, pay here car stores. I call it a store because I don’t consider it an actual dealership. Sometimes they are just in a parking lot somewhere. They are everywhere. They pop up on the middle of the night open for business. While it may seem like a good deal, you should really consider what your risks are. 

You don’t know who these people are. Did they just get a tow truck and bring in cars? How do they run? Are the titles legal? There’s so many questions. If you shop at a well established car dealership, you know that they are legal and know what they are doing. 

You might have to deal with them picking up shop and leaving town. They may not have a real interest in the customer and may be looking to make a quick buck. They could just disappear and not be held responsible. You wouldn’t be able to find information or reviews on them because they are usually not around long enough. I wonder if they visit auctions and scour Facebook and Craigslist for cars to sell. I think of them more as car flippers than car dealerships. 

Car dealerships care about their customers and are in it for the long run. You know exactly where to find them. The can offer you extras like service plans. 

The buy here pay here car stores are a problem in my area. The mayor of a nearby town has made an ordinance that there can’t be any more buy here pay here dealerships open up in a certain area. 

Normal dealerships are knowledgeable and can help with financing too. Remember that they work with the manufacturers so you know where the cars come from. 

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