Thursday, April 11, 2019

Roadside assistance

When you are driving, sometimes things don’t go exactly like you planned. Sometimes you find yourself on the side of a highway somewhere. Maybe you have a flat tire or maybe it’s much more serious. No one wants to be stranded. It’s such a bad feeling. My aunt and uncle had this happen to them a couple weeks ago. Their car broke down in Reno on the side of the road. They had to rent a car to drive home which is a hour away. They live up in the mountains. They found out a squirrel chewed through some wires. They had never had a problem with their car otherwise. 

It got me thinking about motor clubs that offer roadside assistance and how important they are. They will come help you if you run out of gas or have a flat tire or even tow your car for you. They are typically affordable. It seems like everyone has a motor club these days. 

The most known is AAA. They always send me membership cards in the mail. They also send them to my mom’s evil twin Tgeresa. Somehow someone spelled her name wrong once and then the Tgeresa mail started showing up. My family had a membership years ago back when they gave out maps and travel books and the trip tiks. Now everyone just uses GPS or their phones to get places. 

Some cell phone companies offer roadside assistance. I really think that’s smart because you always have your phone with you and it just makes sense. 

As I have mentioned before, my mom got a new car recently. We were trying to figure out how to see how many miles of gas she had. I decided instead of looking it up online, I would open the glove box and look at the manual. Tucked in between the different books was a roadside assistance card from her car company that offers services. I think that’s great. It adds another layer of trust between the owner and the car manufacturer. It makes me feel like they stand by the cars they make and really care about their customers. 

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