Friday, March 8, 2019

RV road trip

My whole family loves to travel, including my extended family. My aunt and uncle live in California and at least twice a year, hop in their car and drive across country to visit family and friends. They never fly because they travel with their dogs. They used to drive an RV across country. My Grandpa and Grandma would travel with them one way and then fly home.  After so many miles, they retired their RV and just traveled by car. Both my aunt and uncle are great at mechanical work. They bought a couple RV’s and completely gutted it out and fixed it up. They spent a really long time working on it between all their other responsibilities. I vaguely remember being in their first RV. I was pretty young.

 It was so cool when they drove it to visit. It was Noah’s first RV experience. I was curious as to if they would tow their car along too. I know some people do that. They did not. I was worried that they wouldn’t be able to park in a normal parking place, they were able to. I was tempted to stow away and go long with them to their next destination. I would love to travel in it across country instead of just to a restaurant down the street.

 They ended up taking it from Northern California to Vegas to New Mexico to Arkansas to Michigan to Indiana to Tennessee to North and South Carolina to Florida to Texas to Vegas and home. They weren’t able to get their RV up their mile long driveway for a few weeks due to the snow. Thankfully, they had a car in place just in case. 

I am hoping the next road trip we take with them, we can bring the RV. When we went to Oregon with them, I ended up getting really car sick. I usually don’t get car sick as an adult. I was on medicine though for my back. It was not fun getting so sick. I will ask them to take the RV.  I would enjoy watching movies or napping or just being able to stretch out and enjoy time with my family. I think if you are traveling driving is a great way to see the country and explore new places. 

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