Sunday, March 10, 2019

Helpful apps for your car

There’s an app for almost everything. It’s crazy how many different apps you can get for your phone. I found some apps for your car. These apps help you with all things related to your car and are great to have. It can really help you save time and money. 

There are apps that can check your car’s tire pressure. Having properly inflated tires is very important. I can send you an alert when your tire pressure is low, so you know to put air in your tires. 

Apps that help keep track of when you last had your car serviced or oil changed are great when you tend to misplace paperwork. You always have your phone, so it’s easy to just pull up the app and know your last service date. That will be helpful to also know when you go to a new mechanic. 

There are even apps that keep track of your fuel economy which comes in handy when budgeting for a road trip or a monthly gas budget. 

Speaking of budgets there’s an app that will keep track of your car expenses so you can analyze if your car is costing you more than it should. If that’s the case considering a new one might be a better option. 

An app that tells you where you parked the car is essential. I tend to forget where we parked all the time. Usually, in the cold or rain with a full shopping cart.  This type of app is amazing when you are at an amusement park and all the cars look the same. No more remembering what color character you parked in. It’s also great for rental cars when you can’t remember what make and model you are currently driving. You look at the license plate and try to remember what state it says. When the car has plates from the state you are in, it makes it hard to find your car. 

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