Thursday, February 7, 2019

Things to do on a Kansas road trip

love going on road trips and exploring new places that aren’t too far from home. Often, you can find cool things close to home if you know where to look. When you are going on a trip, you don’t have to travel far to have a good time. You can just hop in your car and go.  I would love to visit Kansas again. Last time we were there, it was just for a night coming back from New Mexico. I was thinking about some neat things I would love to see in Kansas. I thought I would share them with you. 

The OZ museum is first on my list. I didn’t even know such a place existed. I love movies and I love the Wizard of OZ. I really enjoy looking at movie props and movie related things. They have over 2,000 OZ artifacts. Some of the items are from the movie that we all know and love and some are from silent films and copies of the books. I am interested if there’s anything from Return to OZ. Return to OZ is a very strange movie. 

If you are interested in seeing animals, you have several different choices in Kansas. I am really interested in the Tangayika Wildlife Park. You are able to be up close with more exotic animals than a normal petting zoo. It’s closed for the winter, so it’s more of a summer time activity. I like how Tangayika offers so many encounters. I love how they include one encounter in the price of admission. This way you don’t have to pay extra for the one thing you would like to do like feed Pygmy hippos. 

For the adults, there is Kansas Star Casino. I don’t really gamble often. I do like to try my hand at the slots or the poker machines when a casino is near. I never bet a lot and when it’s gone, I am able to stop. 

We love to go to water parks so we would like to go to Schlitterbahn Water Park. We almost went to the one in San Antonio last summer but it was so hot outside that we would have melted. 

There are also so many museums and parks in Kansas. There really seems like to be something for everyone’s tastes here. I would have to plan several trips to do everything I would like to. I am sure they have great food there too. The steaks from Kansas City are amazing. 

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