Sunday, January 6, 2019

We love Honda cars

For as long as I can remember, we have always been a Honda family. My mom always buys a new Honda when she’s in the market for a new car. She has owned quite a few Honda Civics in assorted colors and models. I doubt she would ever buy another brand of car. She loves them because they are dependable and can handle quite a few miles. She tends to drive from Florida to Indiana quite a bit. That’s an over thousand mile drive one way. 

So, when my mom decided to get a new car, I knew it was going to be a Honda. She just randomly sent me a text the day she bought it and said I got a new car. No information just a picture. My mom has never had a SUV before. She’s driven them as rental cars but never had one of her own. It was surprising to see that she bought a 2018 Honda CRV. If I had a SUV I would get the CRV as I am also a Honda girl. 

I love that it has a back up camera. It makes backing up a bit easier, you should still turn your head and look. The CRV gets great mileage and has quite a few safety features.  Here’s a few of them: It has an overhead airbag which is something I am not familiar with but sounds important. It can even sense if someone is sitting in the passenger seat.

It has a good sized LCD screen to use the backup camera and to control the radio. I love that it can connect to my mom’s phone so she can talk hands free or answer from her steering wheel. It also has Apple Car Play and great speakers. It has lots of cup holders and bins for when we go on road trips. We always need places to put extra drinks and plastic bags. 

There are additional features you can get with the Honda CRV. You can get a moon roof which I always enjoy. One feature I was bummed that my mom didn’t get was heated seats. Those are my favorite and you can use them to keep food warm. I was then reminded that my mom lives in Florida and doesn’t need heated seats. I wish someone would invent cooling seats to help cool you off. 

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