Monday, January 21, 2019

Luck within our reach

Especially at the beginning of a new year, we wish our family, friends and acquaintances good luck for the coming time.Remember the turn of the year, who did you wish good luck?But not only at the beginning of a new year, also on various other occasions during the year you wish someone luck.Maybe for an upcoming exam, a date, a decision or a birthdaythere are so many opportunities to convey wishes. 

But personal happiness is also an important part of our lives: Our longing for personal happiness has existed as long as mankind itself. There are a number of symbols that represent good luck, and not in Germany alone. Examples are the chimney sweep, the horseshoe and the ladybird. The most famous symbol of good luck is not restricted to Europe, but is known the world over: the four leaf clover. You need a very keen eye to find one growing naturally, as they are very rare. But should you be lucky enough to come across one of these rare specimens, you will enjoy good luck from then onwards. Or so it is said. 

What is the origin of this belief? A number of explanations have been given. One is that when in the bible Eve was banished from the Garden of Eden, she took with her a four-leaf clover as a memento. This means that anyone who owns one of these exceptional finds holds a small piece of paradise in their hand. Be that as it may, the gold-plated four leaf clover held by our figurine brings luck within our grasp. For this reason we have christened it our “Good Luck Messenger”. A figurine that makes the perfect companion or gift for conveying good wishes. Perhaps this angel of Wendt & Kühn will soon be the messenger to wish a very special person good luck for an important situation.

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