Monday, January 7, 2019

Look both ways before you cross the street

When you are walking somewhere to get exercise or just to go in a store, it’s so important to be a vigilant pedestrian. Sometimes cars are unable to see you if it’s dark or if there are bushes or other things blocking their view. Never assume they will see you. Always wait until the coast is completely clear. Use crosswalks and obey walk signs. Don’t just appear out of nowhere. They may be driving distracted. It’s your job to be safe too. 

One thing I have realized over the past month or so, is my son doesn’t practice great caution when crossing a street or parking lot. He was so used to holding my hand that he kinda forgets to look both ways. I have to remind him and we have talked about road safety. It’s a good idea to talk to your kids about it even when they are older. He tried to pop out of the bushes when crossing the parking lot. I yelled for him to freeze before he could get hit by a car. I was fairly certain that he may not have been seen. So, we are working on remembering. 

When you are walking at night, wear bright clothes, so you can be seen. I decided to walk to a store when I was having a mom night at a local hotel. It was dusk when I left and dark when I walked back. I was kind of nervous to walk back in the dark. It was a kind of busy area, with quite a few stores and restaurants. There wasn’t any major roads but there was definitely quite a bit of traffic. I remembered I have a flashlight in my purse, so I could be seen. I was careful and made sure I didn’t shine it in anyone’s eyes. I kept my phone put away. I didn’t want to be distracted. I made sure my eyes and ears were both paying attention. I would personally rather wait for the cars than think that they will wait for me. 

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