Saturday, January 5, 2019

How to stay safe in a parking lot

Parking lots can be very hectic. You have cars that are in a hurry to get to the store or get home. You have people pushing their shopping carts or with kids who don’t always pay attention. You have all kinds of distracted drivers and people. You really have to be careful when you are in a parking lot.  You also have to worry about when someone is going to back their car out. It is really easy to have an accident in a parking lot. One time I saw an accident where someone was backing up and someone else decided to go forward. It wasn’t a terrible accident. There was some damage. 

You also have to be aware of people who are pan handling or asking you to buy candy or something. That doesn’t happen often but it can. It is unnerving because you don’t really want to give some random stranger money or buy something from them. If that happens, tell a store employee. 

Shopping carts while useful can be a pain when they aren’t put away. They can roll away and hit cars or take up parking spaces. Take the few extra minutes to return them to a cart corral. 

Watch out for people pulling through to get a parking space. Make sure you have enough room to get in and out of your car. Parking further out can sometimes protect your car because not as many people like to walk. Never leave valuables in view in your car and always lock your doors. You don’t want to be a target of a break in. 

If you are in a not so nice area at night, ask someone to walk you out to your car. While parking lot crimes aren’t common, they do happen. Be aware of your surroundings and wait to answer that text or check your email or Facebook until you are in your car but before you turn your car on. 

Hold on to your kids. Don’t let them run wild in the parking lot. You don’t know what might happen if they aren’t in your reach. 

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