Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Be my Valentine!

February 14 is Valentine's Day - a feast of love and world-famous. Couples give each other flowers, chocolates and jewellery. But also friends and relatives think of each other and send self-designed postcards with love. How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Is there perhaps a person in your life who has become particularly important to you in the last year? No matter what connection you have with each other, it is a matter of communicating this to the people who are close to your heart with a heartfelt gesture.

It is often difficult to find the right gift for a special person. It must be special, come from the heart and stand out from other gifts. For the festival of love Wendt & Kühn has a very special gift tip for you:

Whether freshly in love or closely connected. Whether best friend or big brother, beloved mum or grandma. The Angel of love from Wendt & Kühn conquers the hearts of the recipient by storm. No wonder, because he looks full of kindness and warmth.
Maybe this is the right idea for your darling? 😉

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