Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Strange Car Hacks

I love hacks that make your life easier. Some of them make me wonder why didn’t I think of that? Other hacks I am not too sure about  how they could work. Then there’s the hacks that sound really strange but would get the job done. Here’s a list of strange car hacks:

Use a shoe as an extra cup holder. I have actually done this before. Just make sure the shoe doesn’t stink. 

Use a pool noodle attached to wall in your garage to prevent dings in tight spaces when opening the doors. 

If you have seat warmers use the passenger seat warmer to keep your food warm. That’s brilliant! You may not have far to go but no one wants to eat cold food. 

Use a staple remover to had keys to a key ring. It will help open the key ring. I keep my nails very short. You don’t want to break a nail. 

Wrap stockings around your windshield wipers to prevent scraping to prolong the life of the windshield wiper blades. 

Polish your dashboard with olive oil and wipe with coffee filters. Coffee filters are supposed to be nonabrasive. 

Hang a tennis ball in your garage so you know where to stop. You can also have place that you line up with but if you move something you might lose your mark. 

Holding your key remote up to your head will help increase its range. 

Bring a pool raft to have a makeshift bed. Bring an air pump with you too. You can always use the air machines at the gas station. I did that once with an inflatable Grateful Dead Chair. 

If you get lost and your phone is dead, ask a food place that delivers for directions. They know the area really well and can point you in the right direction. 

If your child gets car sick, have them tilt their heads when they feel sick. Noah gets car sick often so I always make sure he takes Motion Sickness Medicine on road trips. 

Remove window stickers with newspaper soaked in warm water. Let sit for ten minutes. When you remove it, it should come off easily. Great for removing old parking passes. 

I hope you enjoyed these strange car hacks. 

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