Friday, November 2, 2018

The best time to buy a car

You might be wondering when is the best time to buy a new car. First and foremost, you must consider if you need a new car right away. If you do, the answer is always now. If your car is in poor shape and it would cost you more than it’s worth it is better to get a new one. It can also be used, you don’t have to get a brand new one if it’s not in your budget.

 If you want a new car, there are specific times when buying is an advantage to you because you will save more money. Buying a car at the end of the month can entice the dealer to give you a better deal. That is definitely the case when it’s the end of the year or when the next year models come out. Remember that their job is to sell cars and they usually have a quota to hit. They only have a certain number of parking spaces and they like to make room for the new ones. 

Watch for sales and incentives. Different times during the year there are specials advertised. You can usually get a good deal if you buy during that time. 

Ask if they have any discounts. Some dealerships offer different discounts to military or teachers or certain groups. They don’t usually advertise them. 

Don’t be afraid to do a little negotiating. It’s not like a gallon of milk where if you want it, you have to pay a set price. Ask for a better deal. The worst thing they can say is no. Then you can decide if it’s something you want or not. They might be able to work with you. 

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