Sunday, November 4, 2018

Storing your car for Winter

Now that it’s November, Winter is right around the corner. My weather app says we will get snow this week. It probably won’t be much. It will probably melt when it hits the ground but it’s coming. Winter is probably my least favorite season. I like the holidays but not the weather. Snow is pretty when I look at it from my window. Many people have cars that they only use in the warm weather. Here are some tips to store your summer car for the winter:

Clean your car out. Make sure you get all the trash out including any food wrappers or old French fries. Remove any clothes, cups, and anything else in tin  Vacuum your car. You don’t want to find a four month old cup in your car. 

Rustproof any unpainted metal on your car. 

Place a sock in your exhaust pipe to prevent anything from crawling in your tailpipe. Make sure you remove it before you drive it again. Maybe write yourself a note and place it in the car. 

Use dryer sheets to make your car smell nice while it’s all closed up. It will also deter mice from hanging out in your car too. You can use mothballs if you prefer. 

Make sure your tires are inflated but don’t exceed the maximum number. Inflate them a little more than you would normally because the air will slowly leak with the temperature changes. 

You may not want to engage the parking break for storage. It can get stuck in Park. You can use wooden blocks or tire chocks to wedge under the wheels. 

Use a fuel stabilizer and top off all fluids. It’s a good idea to  remove the car battery if you are going to store your car for awhile. If you don’t want to remove the battery you can get a trickle charger or battery tender. 

Invest in a car cover. Even if you are storing the car in the garage it can protect it from the elements and dust and dirt. It will also provide extra padding and won’t get bumped up against. 

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