Friday, November 16, 2018

Celebrating Thanksgiving with Wendt & Kuehn

Everybody knows: Next Thursday it's time for Thanksgiving! As the most important celebration of the family, it is something special every year to make preparations and invite one's family. In my family we do celebrate Thanksgiving as well. We have a big dinner – sometimes we have turkey and sometimes we have something else. Thanksgiving means for us spending the day talking about what we are thankful for. And we watch movies and the Thanksgiving Parade as well.

Of course, everyone would like to decorate the table especially pretty for this celebration. To decorate the thanksgiving-table, you can work with various natural materials: Grain, corn or berries. That could be sweet blackberries, rich red raspberries or plump round blueberries. Wendt & Kühn can also contribute something to this topic: The colorful berry pickers are a perfect match for the rest of the table decoration and together they remind you of a successful harvest year. Their tiny, brightly painted fruits provide delightful accents and add a certain special luster to our unusual little trio. The Berry Pickers, a group of figurines that returned to the collection in 2015, provided the inspiration and catalyst for the start of all the entrepreneurial creativity in our manufactory. In 1913, Grete Wendt entered a competition to create “tasteful souvenirs”. With great success – her Berry Pickers took second prize. After the prize-winning group of figurines had appeared in numerous magazines, she received many “urgent orders”, and these finally gave her the impetus to devote herself fully to the design of wooden miniatures and, two years later, to found the Wendt & Kühn workshops.

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