Monday, September 24, 2018

Hardworking kindly spirits

I love celebrations and spending time with my family. Sometimes, the cleaning and handling repairs, no matter the size of the task can be hard work. Wouldn’t it be great to have little helpers who make your chores easier?  I would love to have someone to help me organize and clean. I love to be organized but sometimes it seems to be never ending. 

In Germany, there is an age-old fantasy legend about busy little house gnomes who through the night take care of all kinds work for people, silently and secretly. They cleaned the shoes from the shoemaker, helped the gardener with gardening, do some needlework and cleaned the house. By the time the sun came up, all the tasks were done and the gnomes had vanished into thin air. But no-one had ever seen these busy little helpers. The German poet and painter August Kopisch put that legend from 1836 into words. A wonderful idea that many of us still cherish today. I would to have them come visit me. They could do all the chores I don’t care for. How do I sign up for the gnomes? 

Grete Wendt, the founder of Wendt & Kuehn, was inspired in 1925 by August Kopisch’s ballad. So she created a number of adorable busy little figures of small stature wearing traditional red pointed hats. I love that she made different gnomes for the different tasks. The legend comes alive in a handyman with a saw or as gardener with a rake. Did you know that by 1937 there were already 18 gnomes in the catalog of Wendt & Kuehn? I know that with autumn cleaning, I would love for these little guys with their cheery little faces always eager to help.  I wouldn’t turn them away.  These diligent workers are a perfect gift for anyone who needs a little help around the house, perhaps because they have started a new job or because their invaluable cleaner is on a vacation.

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