Sunday, September 16, 2018

Blue Mountain Tour: A Guide to Preparing For Your First Helicopter Ride

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Flying in a helicopter is something that’s on most people’s bucket list and if your very first flight 
happens to be in Sydney, even better. The Blue Mountains are indeed spectacular and are best experienced from the air. If you are lucky enough to be planning a trip any time soon, here is all you need to know about the preparation for what will be the experience of a lifetime.

The Safety Factor

If you’ve never flown in a helicopter, it is perfectly natural to feel a little strange about the idea. To the untrained eye, a helicopter looks about as aerodynamic as a brick and some people mistakenly think that should the engine malfunction, the machine will plummet to the ground. There is something called “autorotation”, which means the rotor blades turn without power and in the very unlikely event of an engine malfunction, the pilot can easily land the aircraft. 

Statistically speaking, you are safer in a helicopter than in any car and if the tour company has a 100% safety record, you can’t get any safer than that.  There are very stringent pre-flight checks that ensure the helicopter is in tip-top shape, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the experience of flying high above the Blue Mountains.

Motion Sickness

This can be a problem for some people and if you suffer from motion sickness, make sure you take some medication prior to the flight. It is advisable to sit in a forward-facing seat and avoid reading during the flight. Should you feel nauseous at any time, fix your gaze on the horizon. When planning your Blue Mountains tour, choose a leading tour provider, who will ensure that you are comfortable during the experience. Should the worst happen and you do feel sick, there are sick bags on all flights, just in case.

Wearing the Right Clothing

Ideally, you shouldn’t wear loose fitting clothing when riding in a helicopter, and as the aircraft has heating and air conditioning, you should be comfortable in a shirt or light jacket. Sunglasses are certainly recommended as there is often glare from the sun, which might spoil the view. Basically, you should wear clothing that you feel comfortable in. There is no need to make any special provisions for the flight, at least not regarding what you wear.

Prepare Your Camera

Whether you are going to use your state-of-the-art smartphone or an SLR digital camera, make sure you have enough memory space to receive the countless images and video clips that will be a forever keepsake of this memorable experience. There are no restrictions on camera use while flying, so make the best use of the timin the air by taking as many clips as you can, which will ensure you get some epic shots.

Choosing the Right Helicopter Tour Operator

Safety is always a prime concern, so make sure the tour company you select has a 100% safety record. This ensures a safe and enjoyable experience and a reputable helicopter tour provider would give you all the relevant information to ensure that you get the most out of the experience.

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