Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Signs you should stop driving

When you get your license, you have a new sense of freedom. You can go where ever you want whenever you want as long as you have a car and money for gas. It can be life changing. It becomes part of your daily routine. You get so used to driving and being able to just go. 

There does come a point when you may have to consider not driving anymore. It would can become a danger to you or a loved one for them to continue to drive. It all depends on the person of course. There’s no blanket age someone should stop driving. When you reach a certain age you might have difficulty with controlling a car. You might be on a medicine that you have to take everyday. Driving on some medications can be very dangerous. Your eye sight might get worse. It’s very important to know when it might be time to give up your keys. 

If you notice these changes in a loved one, it can be a difficult conversation to have. Rally your family and talk to them. It might be extra hard if the person is independent and a bit stubborn. It’s better to have this conversation before an accident. Sometimes, it takes a bad accident to spark the conversation and decision to stop driving. Now days there are so many driving apps where you can still get around without a car or even being on a bus route. If they are still working try to see if there’s a carpool that can pick them up and bring them home. Offer to take your loved one around and support them as it might be kind of depressing for them. It might make them feel old or useless. Reassure them and let them know it’s for the best. 

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