Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Parking Wars Florida

We visit Florida a lot. My mom lives down there. We are always looking for fun things to do. Some things we do every trip. We go to the same restaurants and always go to the beach. It really doesn’t matter what time of year you are in Florida, it’s always always busy. Be prepared for lots of people who have no idea where they are going. You definitely need to bring your patience with you while you are in the car

Honestly, a lot of people live in Florida. They don’t stay inside. They are out enjoying the weather and going to the beach. In the summer, you have tourists who want to go to the beach. You have snowbirds in the winter. Spring break and Fall break are popular times to visit Florida too. Growing up everyone went to Florida for spring break. It would be common to see at least a few people from school. I have noticed you really have to be patient when it comes to parking spaces. Sometimes we have to drive around and around to find a spot to park our car. It seems like it’s a widespread issue. 

The worst place to park is Johns Pass. They didn’t really think the parking through there. Eventually, they built a parking garage but I am not sure we have ever parked in it. Johns Pass is a really neat fishing village with shops and restaurants. There are people everywhere.  It’s definitely one of my favorite places in Florida. You can always find something neat there. They have amazing food and fun souvenirs. There is this dress I have wanted to buy for at least five years. Every time we go to Johns Pass I check the price. I can’t bring myself to spend fifty dollars on a dress. I have thought about trying to find it online. I keep forgetting to check out the brand. It’s definitely a tourist shop so things are marked up. It’s a working fishing village with boats that bring fresh fish to the docks. You can watch the fishermen fillet their fish and the pelicans who beg for a bite. It’s worth the extra time for a parking space. 

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