Saturday, June 9, 2018

Watch for Pedestrians please

When you are driving a car, there are so many things you need to watch for. You have other cars, signs, emergency vehicles and construction. You always have to be alert and keep your eyes on the road. One thing I have noticed lately is some drivers don’t really look out for people walking. Some people are in such a hurry that at a cross walk they just keep driving even when the person is half way across the road. I get that you are in a hurry. You have things to do, but pedestrians should be respected too. It’s so important to drive the speed limit and watch out for others. 

You should never touch your phone while you are driving. Our phones are distracting and not worth it. There was a lady and her baby who were walking across the street in Florida who were hit and killed recently. No appointment or date or whatever is more important than someone’s life. 

I walked to the store the other day and had to deal with impatient drivers. One kept going as I was half way across the street. They were supposed to stop because there was a stop sign and the cross walk lights were flashing. A week earlier we went to a farmers market and a car blew through two stop signs and nearly hit my family. 

If you are walking somewhere you also have to be on high alert. Wear bright colors. If you are walking at night wear reflectors. They aren’t attractive but they could save your life. Pay attention to the road. Don’t use your device or listen to music. Don’t walk distracted. Don’t assume the driver will stop or even follow driving laws. Always use cross walks and obey the walk don’t walk signs. Hold your child’s hand when walking across the street. I still do it. Noah hates it but at least I know he is safe. Watch while walking in parking lots. Look for running cars and don’t cut through the spaces. You don’t know if someone is waiting to pull in and will hit you. I hope this post reminds you to be a cautious driver and pedestrian. 

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