Sunday, June 10, 2018

Renting a truck

When you are moving or purchasing a big item like furniture, not everything will fit in your car. You might not know someone who has a truck or time to help you out. Sure, you can pay the delivery fee of $149 for furniture or you can you can just rent a truck for the day for much cheaper. Some car dealerships offer rentals. They don’t always advertise this but you can always call and ask. It would be good if you already have a relationship with the dealership. They have tons of trucks, they would probably be happy to loan you one for a small fee. It also gets you behind a different type of vehicle. 

You can also rent a pick up truck from the big hardware stores. Renting a big box truck can be expensive and time consuming. You don’t necessarily need a big truck for a small item that just won’t fit in your car. We went furniture shopping today and I was thinking about how when I bought Noah’s furniture I had to pay the huge delivery fee. I mean they did carry it up the stairs and put it together so it was probably worth it. If you have some strong able bodied people then renting a truck is a good option. I hate putting things together. It’s just up there with my things I hate the most. 

I always forget that dealerships will rent you cars. I need to remember that next time I need a car rental. I am sure they are in better condition than some of the rental car company cars. I remember one time my mom rented a car and the steering wheel was so dirty that she had to wear gloves to drive it. It also smelled strange. I know that a dealership would have nice clean working cars to rent. Another time we rented a VW Bug and couldn’t figure out how to start the car. We thought the battery was dead. Eventually, after reading the manual, we were able to figure it out. 

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