Saturday, June 9, 2018

Buying a car on Facebook

Facebook is a great site to reconnect with old friends,  and to stay up to date with family and friends. Facebook also offers an option for selling items to local people. It’s a great way to get rid of things and make a little cash. It is also great for a good deal on something you might not be able to afford otherwise. There is everything from clothes to cars. If you are looking for something, there’s a good chance you can find someone selling it on Facebook. There are two different ways to sell on there. There’s the marketplace and there is groups. Both are equally ranked in my opinion. You do have to follow the selling rules and be honest about the item. 

I frequent both the marketplace and many different local groups. I sometimes see cars up for sale. I guess the marketplace has a separate form for cars. In groups you post them like you would post a Blender. It’s a quick way to sell things but buying a car off Facebook makes me nervous. It always seems the car is in great condition and shape. No problems or issues and such a great deal. It’s not like buying a $10 blender. It is a big purchase. I am sure there are nice cars out there on Facebook. However, when you buy a car on Facebook what actual protection do you have? The answer is probably none. Many states have laws about as is sales. You have to take it to a mechanic and test drive it. If anyone gives you a hard time or pressures you over either thing, don’t buy the car. It’s a big purchase and you need to take the time and make an educated decision. Make sure they have the title and it’s cleared. You don’t want to buy a stolen car just because it’s a good deal. If the price is too low, it is too good to be true every time. 

I recommend going to a car dealership. Car dealerships are established and aren’t going to disappear when you need help. The seller on Facebook might just block you and you are stuck with a car you can’t register or have the title for. Dealerships have reputations and know how to handle financing and other issues. My advice is don’t buy expensive things like cars on Facebook. 

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