Thursday, May 3, 2018

Thank you, lovely Mum!

It’s almost Mother’s Day again. The second Sunday in May is mom’s special day. Mother’s Day is celebrated all over the world. Some popular gifts are chocolates, flowers and cards. It’s also a great chance for children to pick out a little gift for mom. Moms do a lot. 

Mothers are very special. They take care of us, encourage us, bring us joy and do almost everything for us. They love us unconditionally and always have a warm hug. Did you know that Mother’s Day tradition was started by the American Anna Marie Jarvis? Since mom deserves her own special day, the tradition spread quickly. 

Wendt & Kuehn has a special present recommendation for mom. The little Angels from the Grünhainichen workshops like flying out in May, to bring some joy to all the mothers in the whole world.

The Grünhainichen Angels® with the eleven white dots on the wings are playing a song for mum or bringing a lovely little gift – for example the Angel with cake and heart. Such a stylish way to say: I’m glad you’re there! 
Two popular gifts are flowers and chocolates. The flowers would wilt. The chocolates will be eaten. The little Angel, decorated on the sideboard, can give some good memories on this day long time afterwards. 
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