Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Traveling the same path

One of my favorite things about traveling and going on a road trip is when we go to the same places over and over. We would drive to Florida a lot growing up. We used to always stay in the same hotel on the way down each trip in Macon Georgia. I remember going to the same hotel with a friend years later. I can’t remember why we went there, just that we went. I used to go on a lot of strange adventures and spontaneous trips before I became a mom. My friends and I would just get in the car and go somewhere. We don’t go through Macon anymore. We go through Alabama, but we usually stay in the same hotels. We always stay in Montgomery or Birmingham depending if we are coming from or going to Florida.

For some reason on one of our trips we stopped at a gas station called Nervous
Charlie’s. It became tradition to go there every time we drove to Florida for a few years. This past summer I saw Nervous Charlie’s. I was so excited. We didn’t stop there though. It was on the wrong side of the road and there was construction. I did take a photo and waved.

We always go to the Alabama Welcome Center.  It’s neat because I have pictures of Noah at different ages there. Noah loves space and they have a couple rockets and some different things to look at.

We sometimes go to the Florida Welcome Center. That’s also an awesome welcome center. It has lots of pamphlets to look at. They also give you a sample of orange juice. There are some really neat statues of dolphins and turtles. I have pictures of Noah at different ages there too. If we go to the Florida Welcome Center depends on which way, we drive. Sometimes we go back roads. It takes a bit longer but there are no trucks. It’s more relaxed. The key to a successful road trip is trying to not be stressed out and relax because getting upset will not help. Taking breaks and stretching your legs is a good idea if you have the time. It seems like the more you are in a rush, the longer it takes.

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