Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Noah's dream cars

Noah has always liked cars. When he was three and four, he loved anything with wheels. He would try and figure out how his toys worked. He would take a toy with wheels and flip it over like he was a mechanic. It was so cute. His favorites were construction vehicles. He would call them transportations. He had tons of toy cars. He had a hot wheel that played La Cucaracha. Somehow it disappeared one day without a trace. As he got older, he wasn’t really in to cars anymore. He would mention different cars in passing. Now he’s all about cars again. Not just regular cars, expensive sports cars. He likes to go on car hunts where we drive around and look for expensive cars. It also gives him something to do while we are traveling. It's so funny, because he gets so excited. I hear him and his friends chat about the cars they spotted.

He loves talking about which cars he likes and which ones he wants to drive. He swears he knows how o drive. I explained to him that just because he can tell me how to do it, it’s different when you are behind the wheel driving. He also says he drove his aunt’s car out of the driveway, but I am not sure about that. I think he may have sat on her lap. I wasn’t there when this supposedly happened, or it wouldn’t have.

Noah wants to go to car shows now. I went to a couple years ago. Both times it really wasn’t my choice activity. It was really hot too. He doesn’t want to see classic cars but the expensive ones. I am not sure where they do that, but I am sure I will keep my eyes out. I told him that’s something he could do with his Uncle Mike. I would go with Noah to a car show and listen to him talk for hours about cars I have never heard of.

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