Thursday, April 12, 2018

Go back to the car

When you are traveling with your family sometimes you get separated. Even with phones, it can be difficult to find them. We went to my favorite beach over spring break. We have been to Fort De Soto so many times. I felt like I really knew my way around. It’s also a county park. In Florida, some state and county parks have beaches in them. We went with my mom. My mom told us to go ahead and go to the shell beach. We weren’t really sure where that was, and I decided to visit the restroom before going on the beach. Somehow, we missed seeing my mom. It seemed like forever before we found her. Neither of us had our phones.

Noah and I kept trying to find her at the shell beach. There are several beach areas at Fort De Soto. We walked all over looking for her. It started raining at one point. We kept looking. We decided to go back to the car. I figured she couldn’t leave without us. It was a central place to go. She didn’t end up going to the car, but we eventually found each other. We had a great time walking and wading along the water. I found a really cool orange horse conch shell. If you ever get separated from a friend or family member have a designated meeting spot like the car. It’s especially important if you are traveling and you think you know your way around.

I know Noah was wondering if we were going to have to spend the night on the beach. As cool as it sounds, I am not sure how comfortable that would have been. Of course, there were rangers that could have helped us find our way to the shell beach, but we were on an adventure. I also didn’t want to ask anyone who didn’t work there because it’s kind of a secret and deserted area which makes it extra peaceful. I think we saw a total of five people at the spot we were at.

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