Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Get your parent car detailed

We sometimes neglect the inside of our cars. We get car washes, but when was the last time you had the inside thoroughly cleaned? I am certain that it probably doesn’t happen very often. You might drive a parent car. A parent car usually has crumbs and all kinds of assorted things in it. There might be cereal or fries or crackers in it. You may have stains and strange odors on the floors and seats. It’s important to get your car detailed every so often to get the most value from your car when it’s time to get a new one. Stains are always easier to clean when they are fresh.

Sometimes our kids get car sick. Vomit is hard to clean up. It also smells and has germs. You don’t want to drive around in a car that has dried vomit in the upholstery. We also have sand in the car from visiting the beach. My mom’s trunk always has sand in it. Thankfully, she has a weather liner in the trunk so it’s easy to take out and clean. She stopped driving around with our sand blanket in her trunk so that helps too.

You could keep a small hand-held vacuum in your car for quick clean ups. You can also keep cleaning wipes for spills and messes. Emptying the trash out of the car is always a good idea, every time you get out. When you travel in the car, the trash seems to multiply. Don’t just get it later. It becomes a quick habit to just put it off and then your car is a mess.

Set up an appointment for getting your car detailed at least once a year. If you have messy little kids, do it more often. A clean car is a happy car.

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