Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Celebrate birthdays with Wendt & Kuehn

Celebrating Noah’s birthday is one of my favorite things to do. We have done all kinds of things for his birthday. We even went on a Disney Cruise one year. While I would love to do something extravagant every year, it’s just not budget friendly. When I am planning Noah’s birthday party, it is important that he has a say in what we do. He likes to hang out with his friends. Food is important at his birthday party. It gives the kids some down time while they eat. It’s important to have a lot of food because those kids can eat!

Sometimes planning a birthday party can seem overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be. You should always be organized. First think of a theme for the party. It doesn’t even have to have a theme. You could just use basic decorations or forego them all together.

What kind of invitations do you want to send? Do you want to mail them or text or pass them out? Most schools have a no invitation rule because sometimes feelings can get hurt if not everyone is invited. It’s better to not talk about the party at school.. What kind of food should you have at the birthday party? Ice cream and cake is standard. If you want to have other food too, make it kid friendly. Games are a great way to keep your party guests entertained. Having a couple games to do will help. You could do traditional games like musical chairs or tag. Noah and his friends like to shoot Nerf guns at each other. What are the right decorations? You could hang banners or streamers or even have balloons. I think it depends on what theme is. The hardest question is what the perfect gift is. It doesn’t matter if you are throwing the party or if you are buying a gift for another child, it’s hard. 

Some of my favorite gifts when I was younger were not toys. I still have little statues and angels and things from my childhood. I like to look at them and think about the person who gave them to me. I really like to give if gifts that mean something not only to me but to them. I really like gifts that celebrate a certain birthday. That way you know when you received them. Where do you find a gift like that?


The answer is from Wendt & Kuehn: The Girls with a set of numbers. Gifts are nice but what really counts are the people who think of us on special days and add a little happiness. Toys break and get lost, but It is an individual surprise for a lovely friend on their birthday. You can give away joy with the birthday girls from Wendt & Kuehn. You can give them as a companion for the whole day. They will likely be placed somewhere special for them to enjoy every day of the year. You can also use them as a decoration. The Girls with a set of numbers in their sweet polka dot dresses, they happily become the focal point of any festive birthday table.

Let me tell you my cake decorating secret, I use toys as decorations on cakes. My cake decorating skills are not great. I wouldn’t recommend putting the girls on the cake, but you could make the cake with polka dots to match their sweet little dresses. You can use them year after year. Each girl comes with a complete set of numbers from 0 to 9. It can become a birthday tradition. The bright yellow numbers cheerfully announce a new year of life. It’s great when you have a family member who can’t quite remember how old the birthday girl is this year. 

One number bearer handles the first nine years, while a second girl makes a most welcome gift for the tenth birthday. Together, the two girls have every possible number combination covered up to the 99th birthday. It would be a great gift from a grandparent. Once they are an adult, they could pass them on to their children.

You don’t have to just use them for children’s birthdays. You could use them for anniversaries or any special day. Children are especially captivated by the number girls. These lasses will accompany them through life, evoking wonderful memories of each birthday along the way.

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