Tuesday, April 3, 2018

5 Undeniably Practical Reasons Why Gift Cards Are the Best

When out shopping for your partner or a family member, the pressure of finding the perfect gift can have you stranded clueless between the supermarket aisles. There are people who are natural at finding gifts that perfectly fit the requirements of the gift recipients. If you are not one of them gift cards are the way to go.  A lot of people refrain from getting retail gift cards because they think they are impersonal and a tad bit tacky. However, you would be surprised how many Americans prefer receiving and giving gift cards as gifts. According to CNBC, almost 41 percent of Americans wanted to receive gift cards as opposed to other gifts. This is exactly why both big-box stores and local businesses offer a collection of plastic gift cards to customers. If you have never bought a gift card before and have trepidations about buying your first one, here are 5 reasons why gift cards are the best.

No Pressure of Finding “the Perfect Gift”: How many times has this happened to you? You open a perfectly-wrapped gift and find something you either already have or never wanted in the first place. This is a common problem especially when people buy gifts for someone they really don’t know. For example, even if you know that the recipient loves to buy shoes, the task of finding the perfect style, heel-type, and material is still pretty challenging.

They Are Perfect as Return Gifts: When you receive a surprise gift and want to return the favor or wish to reward someone randomly, gift cards are the perfect solution. They perfectly fit inside your wallet and can be given away as and when you need it.

Gift Them the Opportunity to Go Shopping: More than they love receiving gifts, some people enjoy to go out shopping. The act of going out with friends and loved ones and picking something nice for themselves is a common weekend activity for a lot of people. When you buy someone a gift card you present them the opportunity to go out and shop. In other words, you are gifting someone a fun day out.

Eliminates Impulse Shopping: When browsing the store aisles looking for a gift, you can end up falling prey to visual marketing tactics. According to some surveys, people often end up overspending when buying actual gifts instead of gift cards. If you are an impulsive shopper and you really don’t want to go overboard, gift cards are the way to go.

Perfect for Corporate Gifting: Buying corporate gifts can be tricky. These gifts are often subjected to mass scrutiny and criticism and a slight misstep can cause you to buy something inappropriate. There is also this problem of buying a gift that matches everyone's’ preferences. That means if you are shopping for office employees you need to buy something that would be appreciated by both a 21-year-old executive as well as a 55-year-old director. This is why gift cards are often the preferred gift of choice by most corporations and businesses for their employees and clients.

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