Saturday, March 10, 2018

Using a car service

I occasionally use those driving services to go places. I almost always have someone else drive me to an airport. I don’t want to have to pay for parking. I used to take a taxi to the airport but the company closed last April after the owner passed away. He almost always was our driver and Noah liked his stories. 

While being essentially driven around, I have met some interesting people. I don’t always want to talk. It really depends on the day and the driver. I have had some pretty cool conversations with them. I usually ask about what it is like to work as a driver. Everyone seems to enjoy it. I’ve heard stories of drink people doing crazy things and a girl who went on a scavenger hunt through the city on Valentine’s Day.  I have learned different things like a road near my home was named for a particular family and why. Most people drive as a side job. 

One driver had cameras in his car. It was the first time I saw that. I asked him about it because he had signs that said smile you are on camera. It really made sense to me and it was a good idea. It protects the passenger and the driver. 

I have mostly had positive experiences. Once I had someone who was speeding on a hilly road. I was pretty worried honestly. The other time was when we were coming home from the airport and the driver didn’t know where to pick us up and we had to wait for over a hour. It happened to be after a really early flight so at this point we had been up for six hours and were totally exhausted.  

I like using it on vacation too. You don’t have to worry about knowing where you are going. We rode to a place to take a pirate cruise while my mom was at work. It was fun. Honestly I was afraid to use the service at first. I heard horror stories but I quickly realized they are just normal people who have families and are either trying to make money or genuinely enjoy being around people and driving. 

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