Thursday, March 15, 2018

Everything you need to create breathtakingly beautiful landscapes

The main charm of evergreen shrubs called Junipers is their long needle-like leaves interspersed with cones. But it is indeed not practical to welcome these coniferous beauties to the interiors of office buildings, malls, restaurants, and casinos since they are favored homes of millions of insects, and of course, they shed a lot. So is there a way to not lose out on the green charm of the Junipers and yet not spend fortunes on grooming and repairs? 

Helping you make your dreams come true-

Welcome the newly preserved Juniper spirals; these are here to turn your budget ideas into interior landscaping dreams. The Juniper replicas are absolutely lifelike and retain all the qualities of live spirals without the accompanying fuss. The artificial junipers have a simple principle, why compromise on your interior décor dreams for the cost of maintenance? 
A special coniferous treat for you-

Our Preserved Junipers are exactly 5 inches tall and come in a variety of containers to take your breath away. This makes it possible to move them around easily, each time imparting a new look to the interiors of your reception, conference rooms, offices,   wall panels and foyers. These Preserved Junipers can be coupled with cascading waterfalls, rock gardens and even other preserved plants to create an artificial garden right in the middle of a large empty space. These faux landscapes indeed improve productivity in employees and boost business. More and more people turn to visit your establishment to get a glimpse of the greenery amidst the bustle of the city.

Why is preserved better?

These Preserved Junipers are created from real plants when the water in their tissues is replaced by a preserving solution which keeps the Juniper spirals evergreen while preserving their natural texture and look. Thus all of the new generation Preserved Junipers are ideal for interior landscaping design since they can survive without any water of sunlight. In fact, once the water in the tissues is replaced by a preserving solution, they also become completely resistant to insects, so there is no hassle of occasionally spraying them with pesticides and insecticides. Also, they can withstand harsh light, waterlogging, and intense heat. These Juniper Spiral replicas are indeed a smart buy for anyone looking forward to changing the interior décor of his or her establishment overnight.

Here are a few more characteristics which have helped the Preserved Junipers gain popular favor in such a short time-
➢ They involve very low installation costs and low maintenance. 
➢ There is certainly no requirement of climate control, watering, and pruning.
➢ Also, they do not require spraying pesticides, insecticides or fertilizers.
➢ They do not invoke any allergies, and they do not shed.

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