Saturday, March 10, 2018

Car maintenance check list.

We have monthly to do lists and things we do once a season at home. Did you know there’s a check list you should create for your car? It’s a great idea to do these things as often as you should. It can help your car run better. It will be broken up in to sections.
Every month you should:

Inspect your tires throughly for low air pressure or damage. If you need more air go fill it up. It’s really easy and cheap to do at most gas stations. 

Check your oil. If it’s low, add more. You should also check your coolant and antifreeze. Make sure you always have the right amount. Oil is important to your used car

Check your belts and hoses for damage. If they are worn replace them. 

Every three months:

You should get an oil change if you haven’t met the required mileage. It’s also a good idea to get one before a long road trip. 

Check and top off your transmission fluid, windshield fluid and brake fluid. Thankfully you can have those checked during your oil change in case you don’t know where those oils are located. 

Make sure all your lights are in working order. 

Check your battery cables to see if it needs cleaned or if it’s corroded. 

Every Six months:

Let your kids honk your horn. It’s fun for kids and that way you can check to make sure it still works. Just make sure it’s not early in the morning during the weekend.

Check your spare tire and make sure it’s properly inflated and free of damage. 

Check your brakes 

Check out your windshield wipers. Make sure they are working properly and are damage free. 

Take a look at your exhaust and shocks. 

Rotate your tires if you haven’t lately. 

Hopefully this check list will help you get more miles out of your car. 

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