Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Driving in the snow

I grew up in Indiana, so the thought of people not knowing how to drive in the snow baffles me. One of my best friends lived in North Carolina. I remember they had an inch of snow and everything shut down. My friend’s parents also thought it was kind of ridiculous as they lived in Indiana and were very familiar with the white stuff. 

As an adult, I understand how some people don’t know how to drive their car in snow. When you live somewhere where it doesn’t snow but once in forty years, it can be very scary. It hasn’t snowed in Tampa in like forty years. My mom’s students asked her to bring back some snow for them to touch. She obviously told them it wouldn’t last that long. I can’t fathom not knowing what snow feels like or even tastes like. 

Here are a few tips for driving in the snow:
Drive slowly and brake slowly. Start the brakes earlier. You have a smoother stop. 

Make more space between the car in front of you. If they have to stop suddenly, you are less likely to crash in to them. 

Stay off bridges and overpasses if possible. 

Listen to the weather and traffic conditions before and while you are driving. 

If you don’t need to go somewhere, don’t. In bad weather it can cause problems for law enforcement. 

Sometimes surface roads are better than the highways. Check with friends who live in the area to see how the roads are. 

Obey all orders from law enforcement and road workers. They are there to keep you safe. 

Have a full tank of gas and a fully charged phone and your car safety kit ready and accessible in your car. 

I feel like people need to be prepared to drive in the snow. There show be a course offered or a section on everyone’s written drivers test.  I think if you are far enough south, it’s worth taking a snow day. My mom’s students don’t get snow days, they get hurricane days. They missed seven days of school during Irma. 

I know last year Noah had no snow days and just a couple delays due to cold weather. I think it was the same way the school year before with no snow days that when they were making the school calendar for this school year, they removed one of the flex days. This year we only have one, we missed two days so far this winter. It’s been really cold this winter. 

We sometimes go see my mom during Presidents Day because it’s usually a four day week. I almost bought tickets for this year but I had a funny feeling. His first make up day is the day after Presidents Day. I honestly prefer delays. I can sleep in but still be able to work later. We usually spend time playing on a snow day but it’s always too cold to play out in the snow. 

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